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I've seen a couple other posts about this but I'm still unsure on how it works. I have a Sapphire reference HD 5850 and I want to run three displays. I currently have one monitor plugged in to the DVI port using a DVI to VGA adapter. Another monitor is using HDMI and going directly into the card. The new display I plan on using is capable of both HDMI and DVI, so either one can be used.

I'm wondering if I can use the monitor that is capable of both HDMI or DVI as my main screen, and the ones running with a DVI to VGA adapter and the other monitor using HDMI as extended displays on the left and right. Is this possible?
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    In order to run more than 2 displays on an AMD card, any display after the first two must have DisplayPort output. You cannot use 2 DVI and HDMI, you can only use either 2 DVI, or 1 DVI and 1 HDMI. If your third display does not have DisplayPort, you will have to get an adapter for the third monitor. Check the ports on the back of your card. You may have regular sized DisplayPort, or MiniDisplayPort, and will have to get the appropriate adapter accordingly.
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