Do i have a faulty psu?

Hi, guys really need some help/advice.
I have just purchased yesterday a Bitfenix Prodigy case and a Corsair HX650 psu

I have taken my current system out of my antec case with built in power supply and refitted it into the Bitfenix using the HX650 so i know my system was running fine, after fitting all the components and checking i have conected eveything (this is about my 4th rebuild) i started up the pc, it would not boot properly, the fans would spin up for 4 secs or so then stop, then the system would try to restart itself with the same effect, this would bootloop till i turned the pc off on the psu swith.
I did some process of elimination tests and found that i could get it to boot into bios if i disconected the gpu, hard drive and optical drive, if i booted up with just the hard drive connected i could still get into bios but i could tell the hard drive was not powering up correctly as it was making skipping and clicking sounds. As you can imagine i was gutted.

So i took all the components out and reinstalled them into the original Antec case powered it up and it works fine, no problems. I then left the components in the antec case but tried to power it using the new Corsair psu, and it didnt work, kept rebooting in the bootloop again.
So am i right in thinking i have a faulty HX650? Or could it be a compatability issue?

The power supply on the antec case has a single 4 pin cpu power connector as its a mini itx mobo (Asus P8H61-I), the HX650 comes with a 8 pin cpu power connector that splits into two 4 pins, i have tried both of these 4 pin connectors individually and get the same result (bootloop) surely this psu is compatible with my mobo?

Would love some advice off some of you more experienced guys before i try getting the psu exchanged.
Thanks for reading.
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  1. The HX650 is compatible with your Asus P8H61-I mobo - the m/b and PSU are ATX12V. It could be a loose connection with one of the power cables or bad connectors on one of the PSU cables. Either way it sounds like you've got a PSU issue. Can you try the HX650 in another PC? The Antec PSU in the Bitfenix case?
  2. Yes im going to try the antec psu in the Bitfenix now but it will be a temp measure as there is no way to mount that psu in the bitfenix (its s small form factor psu)
  3. With the antec case powering the components in the bitfenix case everything is working fine, but still no joy with the Corsair one. I thought corsair were meant to be a good brand?
  4. If it's human made and electrical; there will be problems. Humans aren't perfect and our creations aren't perfect. Every company has DOA's every now and then and how they respond to DOA's is how they'll be seen. Corsair should take care of ya if you file a RMA with them.

    P.S. Corsair, Antec etc does not make psus. They have other companies make it to their specifications. Corsair mainly uses CWT and Seasonic based units which are very high end but still will have dud's every now and then..
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