How do i know when i should replace components?

Hi hi here is a small info about my machine
corsair 600 w
i7 870
8 gb of ram
geforce 560 ti

my question is when should i replace my hardware, I know i should consider replacing the graphic card pretty soon , but i ask for knowledge , is it really neccesery too replace my other hardware any time soon ? when for instance will my proccessor be getting a bottleneck? :D
( I'm mainly thinking this machine as a gaming computer )
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  1. Hello & Welcome.
    It depends on your needs, for gaming, most modern games are GPU intensive not CPU intensive games so it will hugely depend on the GPU, besides you got a good gaming chip the i7s are doing great for gaming.

    If you're using a lot of Image and video processing applications you'll need to shift to a very high end CPU to do more with less time, for gaming you just need to upgrade your card when you find it weak enough to generate playable FPS.
  2. Right now I would say that you are in good shape with the Intel® Core™ i7-870 and the GeForce GTX 560ti. I have almost the same set up on my home system and I would say that I have at least another year maybe two of lifespan out of it before I have to release the processor and video card.
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