Razer Imperator 2012 Not Able to Bind Page-up and Page-Down,

I just bought a Razer Imperator 2012 Edition.

Its a great mouse for gaming and I have set it up for SC2 and other games no problem. However, I had this idea for document and web browsing to bind the side buttons to page-up and page-down.

I seem to be unable to bind the page up and page down buttons!

1. I bind them as Page-up and Page-down
2. After writing to device what is kept instead are the numpad-9 and numpad-3 buttons.

After a few tests, it seems that this is true for the home and end buttons as well. Same results if num-lock is off or on, the page-up and page-down button just does not bind properly.

Any way I try to bind these functions keys, their num-pad equivalent gets bound instead.

This is very annoying because when numpad is on and I try to page-up or page-down using the mouse, the numbers 3 and 9 get typed instead.

I have also tried to troubleshoot by using the Windows 7 On-Screen keyboard and with the software keyboard, the Page-up/down buttons are not registering at all. In the Razer software.

I am using the latest Imperator 2012 Sofware (2.02) and upadated my mouse to latest firmware (1.04).

Searching the net, there is a similar issue with the Razer Naga, but apparently there is a hardware switch at the bottom of that mouse to switch from normal operation to numpad operation, there is no such hardware swith on the Razer Imperator.

Anyone experience this on your Razer Mice? Any fix? I have tried raising an email to Razer support but they have not replied after weeks of follow up.
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  1. Disable num lock, bind page up/page down in config software and apply changes. Enable num lock. Even though config software will tell you it's bound as alt + page up/page down, it should work in applications as page up/page down (it does in my case with 2.02 Imperator software). Although binding these buttons in games will result in binding right shift.
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