Should I get 8 gigs of g.skill ares ram or g.skill ripjaws x?

Should I get 8 gigs of g.skill ares ram which is free, or pay 55 for g.skill ripjaws x? Thanks
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  1. is this a trick question?

    why wouldnt you take the 8 gigs of g.skill ares ram which is free?
  2. I was wondering if there is enough of a performance difference to make me take the ripjaws ram as well as the ares.
  3. I'd generally go with Ares over Rip Jaws even if they were slightly more expensive so long as the specs are identical or at least similar. Ares have low-profile heatsinks that don't get in the way like Rip Jaws heat sinks sometimes do.

    Do the kits that you're looking at have the same specifications?
  4. The Ares is pretty much the same as the Rip Jaws except the height of the heatsink is a bit different. If they are in the same series then I would probably go with the Ares cause they are free. Unless you really like the Rip Jaws.

    Really comes down to preference when comparing these two
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