Best GPU for up to $130

Hi just wanted suggestions for the best graphics card I can get for up to $130 or so.

I have:

AMD Athlon II X4 3.1 GHz
(Not sure about the MB ,this is a pre-made system I was given)



Windows 7 Home Prem

Current graphics is just the integrated

Just ordered a nice 600w PSU to replace the 250w that the system has currently

I will not be overclocking or anything. I would just like a card that can play (no eyerolling please lol) WoW and Second Life on max or even Medium (easily) settings. Is my CPU etc good for that?
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  1. you can't go wrong with either gtx 460(1gb 256bit model) or hd 6850
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    For up to $130 shipped, without going over or playing rebate games, here's a HD6790:

    Edit: Delroy, that's $135 AFTER the rebate, plus $7 shipping.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone!
  4. 6770 or even better 6790 are amazing cards at around $100-140. Great performance they stay cool and they dont need a massive PSU.
  5. You better open up that baby and see if it has PCIex16 slot
  6. Yes it has a PCI Express X16 slot
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  8. Thanks. Have fun!
  9. You can get a Zotac 650ti for this price...
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