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GTX 560 TI: 448 core or 2GB?

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  1. ' bit ' stands for the number of 'bits' or ' 1's and 0's ' or data can travel side by side from one component of the card to another at the same time . it is also known as bandwith.

    ram or VRAM in this case is the amount of memory available for the rendered images to be stored in .
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    2gb of vram for any resolution above 1080P otherwise 1gb of vram is perfectly fine. Just get the 448 core, it performs better than the 384 core.
  3. Definitely the 448 core.
  4. The 448 Cores, that thing is comparable to the GTX 570!
  5. +1 for 448 core. Also if you could find a GTX 570 for the same price obviously you should buy the 570 instead :P
  6. I have gone ping-ponging on this so much, I had decided recently for the 2gb (non 448) but now I am on the 448 core again and probably will end up with this card. thanks guys.
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