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The biostar A55MH motherboard that I'm using has 1-dvi, 1-hdmi, 1-vga display ports, I thought that since it has 3 ports I could use them all at the same time but it's only leting me use 2 (vga + one digital)... is there any way that I could make it work, I don't want to expand the monitor, I just want to clone the image to the 3 monitors... or if I need to purchase a separate graphic card, which one should I use? Thank you much!
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  1. Seperate gpu, currently igpu's can only support 2 displays. Just purchase a amd radeopn card with eyefinity.
  2. do I need to purchase a graphic card that supports 3 monitors (the ones with the display port) or can I connect 2 monitors to the igpu and the 3rd to the new graphic card?
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