HELP?!?! - Why are the Ads popping up on Tom's lately for me?

I don't know if this is the right place to ask this of the Admins / Moderators (or anyone who might have the answer or suggestions), but recently I reinstalled Windows 7 and did all the updates. Since the reinstall, damn near everytime I click on a link on the forums or when I first come to the site, I am getting ad after ad after ad, the ones that grey the screen and display the ad on top. Is this something I can circumvent in the IE options, or do I need to reload Malwarebytes? Is this a recent change you did?

I know you make money through clickable ads, and I don't mind that, ON OCCASION. But recently it's every or every other time I click on a link. Go to CPUs & Components - AD. Go to a sub category - SAME AD AGAIN!!

I love this site, it's one of my homepages, and love trying to help whomever I can, but I need help in the resolution of the over-excessive ad placement. It's turning web browsing/active participant into frustration and unwillingness to go into all the categories I want to go into, just to see another (same) Samsung ad.

If it's something I might have whacked on my end, can you please direct me where to go to fix it? I do my fair share of ad clicking for Tom's to help you generate revenue, but please, help my blood pressure return to normal?

I linked a screenshot to Photobucket below for a visual of what I'm talking about.

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  1. Firefox,plus Adblock Plus,and Ghostery = No ads popping.
  2. I got too annoyed by it as well, just re-enabled ad block plus on TH :D
  3. Thanks. I even recently started migrating to Firefox cause IE is pissing me off with the Java...
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