Are my temps normal for my i5-3570k?

Hey all,

I recently built a new PC (thanks to the awesome help on this board :wahoo: ). I'm curious as to whether the temps I have for my PC are normal. I used RealTemp to check. Here's what I found:

Temps at desktop: 37 31 32 30

Temps while playing Guild Wars 2: 68 65 65 62

I'm using the stock Intel cooler. In case it helps, here's my build:

MB: Asrock z77 Extreme4
CPU: i5-3570k
PSU: Corsair 500w
GPU: XFX Double D Radeon 7850 2gb
RAM: Corsair 8gb

Thanks for your help! :D
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  1. I have the Antec 300 case, with the top fan set on medium.

    On a related note, sometimes it seems like one of the fans starts and stops. It sounds like it might be the Intel stock fan, but I'm not sure. Is this normal?
  2. Those temperatures look good to me for the stock HSF. As far as the fan starting and stopping the CPU fan shouldn't be stopping at all check it out visually to see if its operating. Although I'm sure you would be seeing higher temps than that if it was stopping so I'm going to assume it's another fan.
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