Ivy bridge integrated vs gtx 550

I plan to play games like skyrim and some MMO's - I have heard that ivy bridge's new integrated graphics are pretty decent...

I'm wondering if it would be worth it to get ivy bridge and run off the integrated graphics and z77 platform or to get a h61 motherboard with an i3 2100 and a gtx 550 instead?

I only plan to play on 1 monitor at 23 maybe 24 inches.
I don't really need fancy graphics, but I do want playable FPS.
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  1. If this satisfies you go with the ivy bridge.

    Seems pretty decent if you are willing to sacrifice fancy graphics like you say.
  3. well how much of a difference is the integrated of ivy bridge over the gtx 550? I think that's what I should have asked.
  4. cranked said:

    Seems pretty decent if you are willing to sacrifice fancy graphics like you say.

    That wasn't me. It was just a video I found.
  5. gtx 550 is faster, but paired with the i3 I'm not sure. Usually when people use the i3 in a gaming computer they get faster graphics card like the gtx 560 ti or the radeon 6950. Those are both in the $200-$230 range. However the intel 4000 should be able to run skyrim and most MMOs. My friend has a macbook pro with a second gen i5(2-core since its portable and only 2.3ghz per core). With paired with the intel 3000 is able to play Skyrim once it's ported to run on the mac. Any Ivy-Bridge processor you can find will have at least twice as many cores, a higher clock speed, and the hd 4000 instead of 3000. So if Skyrim and MMOs are all you are going to play then go with the ivy-bridge. If you wanted to play other games in the future like Battlefield 3 and stuff you should go with the i3 and any of the graphics cards I mentioned, but I would stay away from the 550.
  6. Best answer,3181-5.html Skyrim benchmarks with hd 4000. It's about the performance of the 520 which is about 1/4th of the 550ti performance. It is playable on the hd 4000 as you can see. I would recommend an i5 and later buy a discreet card. No point in upgrading to haswell, one generation difference is never worth it. If you need a new rig now buy it now, if you don't, then wait.
  7. Wow, 1/4th huh?
    Alright thanks. I guess I'll stick with an I3 and get the GTX 550 or 560.
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