980x good temps?

Hey guys I noticed that my CPU temps at idle were 55c so I unplugged everything cleaned off the old paste on my cpu and heatsink and put on a fresh coat of Artic Silver 5 and now temps are 33-33-36-35-40-40. Those are temps with the stock Heatsink on cool and quite mode.The Temps seem to be lowering as the paste settles in. I hope I am ok
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  1. Paste loses thermal conductivity over a long time (it seems to get kind of dry and brittle). So replacing it every so often is necessary to maintain the lowest temps. Arctic Cooling MX-4 claims 8 year durability which is a lot longer than the typical 4-year or 5-year paste. Whether it actually lasts 8 years, I really don't know (I'm only a year in after replacing the AS5 with it on my i7-920). But yeah, most pastes need a few days to get happy, and then temps will stabilize. Stock heatsink on a 980x? Ick. But whatever works for you. Those temps are fine for the stock cooler on idle. How is it under load?
  2. under full load the temps on all cores go to the mid 70's besides core 5 and 6 those two rn hot and hit 80c max.
  3. I am for sure going to ditch this cpu cooler in favor or something else. any suggestions on a good cooler for the 1366 socket?
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