Have to underclock GtX 560ti 448


So decided to boost my computer and changed my old GTX260 the a new GTX560ti 448 core. After the card change my computer is running perfectly on desktop, while watching film and internet browsing. But when i start a game, after only 1-3 minutes of play the screen freezes with some white marks all over it and windows closes the game. This has happened i BF3, 3d mark and minecraft.

To solve the problem i tried:
- Reinstalling drivers
- Checking if i have a heat problem
- Changing powersupply (from Corsair HX520W to Cooler Master GX650W)

The only thing that have worked is to underclock my brand new card from core 732 mhz to 675 mhs. Now i complete 3d mark test and play BF3.

Is this a normal thing having to do? Can it be caused by the rest of my computer parts (old)?

Asus p5k
Intel Q9450
6 gb RAm
Asus GTX560ti 448
Cooler Master GX650W
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  1. Well this sounds like a psu issue to me, Could we get some more info on it, I have never liked Cm psu's
  2. How can i test i it is a psu issue?

    Have tried it on 2 psu and both made same mistakes.

    My 4 year old Corsair HX520W
    My new Cooler Master CX650W (bought because i had problems with the card and i at frist thought it was a psu issue).

    Do you think i made the mistake of bying a bad replacement power supply and the psu was the problem all along?
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