Which CPU and Processor should I purchase?

I have done alot of resaerch and come to find out my processor is outdated. To update my processor I need a new Mobo. Below is soemthing I am looking at that should increase my performance :p .

Which Processor should I purchase? The ones listed are within my budget as I am trying to stay as close to $100 as possible for the processor.


Which Motherboard should I purchase? I am trying to go as cheap as possible but not get something cheap in quality. I am a fan of ASUS but I have owned Biostar (curently use which has been a great mobo), Asrock, and Gigabyte. All have never crashed on me.


Also any combos suggested for around $200 I would be interested in. I am up for any suggestions as to what else to upgrade, although I will not upgrade my video card. I am trying to reach great performance in CS GO. Below is what I currently use:

Video Card - Radeon HD 6850
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
Motherboard - FOXCONN A7GM-S
RAM - Corsair 8 gig DDR2 Part Number CM2X2048-6400C5
Power Supply - ANTEC True Power Trio 650W
Random 1 tb hard drive
Windows 7 64 bit edition
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  1. The middle 880 motherboard is mATX so be sure your case can support that. Are you thinking of adding a second graphics card in the future?
  2. I may purchase a new case as well... I used to be big into building computers and then I joined the military and now have 3 kids... So I am a little dated on the newer stuff. I DOUBT I will ever use 2 video cards. This computer is used mostly for homework from college for my family and my hobby gaming/drinking gaming times! But I want the computer to be faster overall and have the ability to play games with decent settings with great frames.

    What is mATX? This case I have is dated. I will spend $250 ish for Mobo/cpu/case. Also I am editing my original post to include my power supply.
  3. I forgot to mention this but the CPU link is both to the 965 BE. The 970 and 990 both have two PCI 2.0 slots which allows for dual graphics card setups, Crossfire or SLI. If your going to stick with a single graphics card then one PCI 2.0 slot is fine which may make the price fall for the motherboard.

    I have a 6850 also and my 770 motherboard has been fine without any problems for a year and counting. Either a 970 or 990 chipset will do you fine, you just have to have an idea of what your looking for in a motherboard such as SATA ports, HD audio, speaker, USB 3.0, and such.
  4. I corrected my original post. I am game to find out what else to look into. I dont know what chipsets really are... Is there a difference between USB 2.0 and 3.0? If I had 3.0 would all of my normal USB devices still work? Sata ports as long as I have about 4 or 5 thats cool and audio I dont really use anything crazy, just normal 2 speakers and headphones during games.
  5. Between 2.0 and 3.0 is a difference in transfer speed but it also depends on whether your case already has a USB 3.0 port, usually blue it color. Yeah, all your normal USB would work with 3.0. Chipsets are split between a north bridge and south bridge, usually holding the motherboard with the CPU socket up will tell you which is which and they help to processor data along with the CPU.
  6. Ok so I dont care to much about having USB 3.0 but I see that the AsRock MoBo has 2 blue USB blots so those 2 would support 3.0 USB. That would be cool to have for future incase we had something that required 3.0 USB. So far I am def considering the AsRock mobo :

    Any other suggestions on Mobos? It has the Sata ports I need and will support my current vid card, has a higher chipset, will support my new CPU, and has basically everything I want in a mobo.
  7. Do I need to upgrade my ram? I have 8 gigs but it is DDr2... Just wondering if I need to look at that 2. I see that with the Asrock mobo there is a combo deal for :

  8. I have figured out what I am possibly thinking about purchasing to upgrade. Please post any comments/suggestions or if you think it is a good build:

    Its between these 2, I cant tell which is better...
  9. The 965 you linked in the beginning is a better cpu overall. Stick with it. RAM, either will be fine. You will have to learn and google how to set your RAM timings in the bios to 1600. It's easy but you will probably be running at 1333 out of the box and first boot. Just letting you know. Good Luck
  10. So the Phenom I have read is a better CPU. My question is that the Mobo I picked is a AM3+ socket so since the Phenom 965 is an AM3 it will work just fine right? Its not an AM3+ like the last one I linked but it is in fact an AM3 socket processor.

    If that works I will take your suggestion and get the Phenom.

    Also I wont be overclocking and running games very much, do i really need to upgrade my cooling for the processor? 90% of the time is daily internet/pictures/programs running. The other 10% will be gaming on like CS GO and D3.

    From what I suggest in the RAM I am interested in, do you think I will notice a huge difference in purchasing new RAM when compared to my old RAM?

    Basically both are 2x4gb sticks its just the current RAM I have is DDR2 (PC2-6400) and the new ram is DDR3 (PC3 12800). I can see on paper that it is double the speed but the same size.... will I notice a big difference between the RAM when using programs/data/gaming?
  11. AM3+ is backwards. You'll be fine. Also, no you won't need to overclock at all. You'll be fine again. As far as I know. DDR2 will not work on the new motherboard. You should get the new RAM irregardless, it is better.
  12. DDR2 won't fit into DDR3 RAM slots due to the position of the key notch on the RAM sticks. Either one of the G.Skil RAM is fine but you should make the decision now if you want to be able to add an aftermarket cooler or not in the future since the heatsink for some aftermarket coolers will block the RAM slots closest to the CPU.

    I would stick with the stock cooler that is included with the 965BE and if you decided in the future you want an aftermarket cooler then you can change it. I used my stock cooler for about 4 months before deciding it was too noisy but that's because the tower was right next to me.
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