Need Professional Advice on my Gaming Build

Hello Everyone.

I need your help and advice on my computer build. I am ordering everything from Newegg. Pleas help me so I can order soon. Many thanks in advance.

Its uses:
- home theater
- graphic intensive video games
- downloading very large files from the internet
- lots of internet use
- I will NOT overclock

While looking at my parts, please try to answer these questions. Answer as many as possible!
- Will all my parts work together properly?
- Will all my parts fit properly in the case? This especially goes for the CPU cooler touching the memory sticks and video card.
- Will there be a bottleneck? Caused by the motherboard, video card, memory, or processor?
- Does my motherboard offer USB 3.0 connections to the front of my case?
- Does my power supply offer sufficient power?
- Will my fan do its job well?
- Do I need to buy a network card and any cables/connectors?
- Overall quality of parts?

Below is my build: I was aiming for a $650 build but got a tad high.

Motherboard: $105

Processor: $110

Video Card: $150

Power Supply: $50

Memory: $47

CPU Cooler: $30

Hard Drive: $80

Case: $60

CD/DVD Burner/Reader: $18

Thermal Compound: $12

Total (including rebates/shipping) = $680

Again, Many thanks for all your advice and time you are spending to help me.
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  1. I cant be bothered clicking all your links but dont waste $12 on thermal paste when there is already some included with the cpu cooler .

    That $12 is enough to get you a Radeon 6870 instead of the 6850

    and leave the aftermarket cpu cooler out altogether and you hit your price target

    the raidmax psu is junk . A small red switch on the back to change the voltage is a sure sign you should not buy it . Only 80+ bronze rated psu's or better
    This one is $10 more but is excellent quality
  2. outlander_04 pretty much covered it. Especialy the powersupply. Raidmax=junk. The motherboard does have connectors for front usb, the parts are compatable, but the link for the case just goes to Neweggs home page, so I cant tell what case you picked. I would get a better video card. If you are not overclocking there is no need for the aftermarket heatsink/fan unit, so then you dont have to worry if its in the way
    here is another good psu suggestion..a bit cheaper than outlanders but it is a good unit
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