Corsair Enthusiast Series TX650M - Missing SATA connectors?

Hey All,

I picked up this power supply and have been running it in my system for a couple of months now. I recently added a bluray/dvd writer combo but realized I need more sata power. I can only find four of the sata power connectors which are hardwired to the power supply and are in use. The box and all the specs claim 8 sata connections for this power supply so I presume the other 4 are modular but yet the power supply didn't ship with a modular cable with sata connectors? Am I missing something?

Anyone else with this power supply who can point out that I'm blind? lol I feel like I'm going nuts... :)

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  1. According to the Corsair product page your power supply should have a grand total of 8 SATA connections. There should have been a power pack with additional cables. Contact Corsair Customer Support.
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