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I have an ASUS EAH4350 1GBDDR2 graphic card installed on my pc .My VGA output port of graphic card doesn't work and i have used DVI to VGA connector to connect DVI port of graphic card to LCD VGA port . Now i want to know that can i use HDMI to VGA cable (Gold Plated) to get an output from HDMI(Graphic card) to LCD VGA port.
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  1. Yes. Will this do the job?
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    Yep sure will

  3. one more problem whenever my pc power trips ( i.e power goes off and comes in few milli seconds) my LCD screen shows some blurred lines until i pulled out and reinsert the video card...... can anyone help me with this problem.....
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  5. Not sure why you get blurry lines on the screen, maybe some kind of signal corruption due to the power cut?

    Have you considered a UPS? It'll keep your PC going during the power cut, something like this

    You'd have to make sure you get one that can power your PC.

    sorry its more of a work-around to the problem than a direct solution, maybe someone else can help.

  6. Ok thanks.
  7. there is no vga to hdmi cable bcoz the pins do not corresspond. only a dvi-i to hdmi cable is possible
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