NEW PC BUILD please review

Hi I am looking to build a new PC for gaming (Diablo 3, FM 2012 etc)

Here's what I'm thinking of so far.

Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H
CPU: Intel i2400
Case: Coolermaster 430 w/ window
GPU Gigabyte Radeon HD 6850 or Gigabyte GTX 560 or Radeon 7850
PSU : Antec VP550P 550W
HDD: Seagate 1TB Barracuda
SSD Sandisk 128GB
RAM G.Skill 4x2 8GB RAM

Please review and let me know, also please let me know which GPU I should go for, is it worth spending extra and getting 7850?
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  1. What is your budget? Are you open to overclocking? Please use the sticky at the top of this subforum
  2. Approximate Purchase Date: this week

    Budget Range: $1,000

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming (Diablo 3), General Computing

    Parts Not Required: Monitor

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Pccasegear (

    Country: Australia

    Parts Preferences: None

    Overclocking: No

    SLI or Crossfire: not sure what this is

    Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080 24 in Asus

    Additional Comments: decent gaming pc and relatively quiet
  3. part of me wants to say you should opt out of a ssd, and use that money for maximizing gaming efficiency other than load times. whats special if you end up using the 7850 is that its the best for its price range, because of the fact that it is easy to overclock with with its low power consumption and temperatures
  4. Ok, I was thinking of installing Windows on SSD for faster bootups and maybe a few games on there. maybe it is better for me to get a better gpu and maybe add ssd later.
  5. any brand recommendation? for 7850

    unless your willing to shave off ~9 seconds off boot time for the price. whats ssds provide better is opening large programs that take a bit of time to boot up like photoshop and large games

    edit: and if you transfer data back and forth around the hdd/ssd, the ssd will have an improvement.
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  8. Alright, I follow your point I think I will take of the SSD and get 7850 instead.

    Are the rest of the components alright, do i need to get a bigger PSU with 7850 or would 550W be more than enough?
  9. tribeqa said:
    How much of difference is there between i3 2120 and i2400?

    I was always under the impression that quad-core processors are better to run current games at a smoother rate.

    they are the exact same almost on most games. the only advantage that a quad core will give you is in cpu intensive games like battlefield 3
  10. I have gamed on an i3 2120 AND an overclocked i7 2600K... I have to say if it came down to a choice of the SSD or the i5 2400, I might pick the SSD. but it's a tough call.

    A 7850 would be fine with even a slightly smaller PSU, but having a little extra margin is always good. You can use almost any single GPU with that Antec.

    I linked the less expensive board because it has the basic features without overclocking, or some of the other stuff that would be a waste for you to pay for.
  11. Yes exactly. I think I will go for 7850 for GPU as it will primarily will be for gaming, but I am torn between going for SSD with 2120 or go for 2400 without ssd.
    I have read on some forums that SSDs can be quite unstable compared to standard SATA3 drives. Any truth to this?
  12. It varies. The crucial 128GB is a pretty safe bet, but it's a bit more. There is also an Intel SSD there, very reliable.

    Why not get started with the i5 and a 500GB HDD. Later you can add an SSD as an upgrade.
  13. Oh. Have you considered going to the local MSY and such? PC Case gear is not your only option.

    Techbuy good selection?
    PC Case Gear
    Mwave Australia
    Scorpion Technology
    IT Estate
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  15. alright thanks for your help Proximon. I think I'll go with i5 2400 without SSD.
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