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I put together a computer and it has been running for a few months now. It is a VERY fast computer and has been excellent. After a few weeks I saw some new mainboards that come out with like a Z77 socket or whatever and I'm confused on the level/performance of these boards. Can someone tell me the mainboard/chip I have compared to those new Z77/Z75 sockets out there and let me know which is better and more high end for performance/speed??

My mainboard is:
Asus Sabertooth X79 mainboard
Intel Core i7-3930k Sandy Bridge-E 3.8Ghz Turbo
32GB of PC3 12800 memory

I see these Z77 boards all over the place now and wanted to possibly "build" another machine and wondered if that X79 system I have is too old already and should use the newer Z77 board? I'm just a little confused. So many different chipsets out there, different processors out there just confuses me a little. I appreciate any feedback, thanks!
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  1. LOL. You already have an almost top of the line system (and one a lot of people would drool over). LGA 2011 (X79) is the top of the line, even now, and a 3930K is almost the top of the line (only a 3960x would be better).

    Z77 (LGA 1155) is just the native Ivy Bridge chipset, and Ivy is only a bit (5-7%) faster than Sandy. Besides that, IB-E may never even exist, so you already basically have pretty much the best setup that you can possibly have. Nothing you should be concerned about.
  2. WOw, thanks for the good news. I can't keep up on hardware out there these days. Knowing my current hardware is top notch is very good news to hear. And my main drive is an Intel SSD SATA 6gb drive, so the system does fly very nice. I just may put together the same box since it runs so good. I never had such a stable machine. And it is the first time I ever used a water cooler processor cooler. Was only $100 and the chip never gets real hot...thanks again!
  3. You're welcome. :)
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