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I just finished assembling my first PC and when i turn it on and hit enter to run the start up it says no bootable device. I hit any key to return to the menu and it does seem to recognize the disk drive. I read somewhere that a guy had the same problem because his sata cord was bent at an odd angle so i tried to straighten them out and try different cords, but had the same problem. It could be because I have the cords plugged into the wrong slots in the motherboard, would that affect the computer recognizing the cd drive? any help would be appreciated, thanks
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  1. the hdd connect ot the first slot 0 or 1 depending on the motherboard the you could had your cd/dvd drive after and check all the drive cable also enter the bios and select the cd/dvd with the os disk in to load in first boot and install on the hdd,when this is done restart the machine with the os disk in the cd/dvd drive and follow the other steps
  2. I made sure the hdd was connected to the 1st slot and it still said no bootable device, thanks for the help though. Do you think it could be because of any other missed connections that seem to be unrelated? If it helps i took the sata cable as well as the disc drive from my old computer and used it in the current one. The harddrive is new though, and the sata cable connecting the harddrive to the motherboard seems to be in okay condition
  3. do you have a os on this hdd if yes then it have to be set 1 boot in the bios
  4. The hdd is brand new so i dont think there is an os on it, and so far i havent had any options in the bios menu accept to hit enter and then i get the no bootable device message. and really, thanks for your time
  5. did you try the process for bios setting describe upper you could also find that in you motherboard user manual
  6. There really are no other options for me to select in the bios menu accept to select a boot device, the motherboards manual doesnt seem to be much help either, i cant seem to find anything about connecting harddrives/cddrives, if it helps i have the MSI 890GXM-G65 motherboard and i got the western digital caviar blue harddrive
  7. so you enter bios what is your cd/dvd drive is a ide or sata this have to be seen in bios page 3-6 also set the date and time then page 3-7 the hold on for no error at page 3-8 that wher you set boot sequence it have to be set to the cd/dvd drive firts to install the os on the hdd,start with this first for bios settings to load the os on you hdd
  8. scout_03 said:
    do you have a os on this hdd if yes then it have to be set 1 boot in the bios

    I have an os on my hdd and it isnt recognizing my hdd i have tried all of the sata slots and it still is saying no bootable device do i need to get a new hdd? If you can email me at
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