Upgrading CPU - some questions

Hey there!

At the moment I'm running:

Gigabyte Ga-H55m-Udh2
Intel Core i3-530 @ 4.07 GHZ
Radeon HD5770 @ stock
8 GB of Kingston Ram
128 GB SSD + 1TB HDD

I'm a gamer. But now with the new Guild Wars 2 it seems that my little i3 becomes the bottleneck concerning FPS which go down to 15 in a lot of cases and the fun of gaming is really destroyed because I'm able to count the Frames when there is a big PVP battle or a big city.

I'm actually not sure if it even is a hardware sided problem but since a friend of mine is running the same GPU but an i5 processor and doesn't have problems with FPS at all it kinda looks like the CPU is the problem.

My budget isn't the biggest. Still i want to get something for the future. I'm looking especially at an i5-3570K or an i7-3770K and a Gigabyte GA-Z77X-D3H Mainboard and still have a few questions:

1) Is the i5 processor enough for playing games and doing standard office things or will it become the next bottleneck in 2 years where the i7 would still be OK? - I've read a lot on the net and can't find a solution. Some forums say its not worth for a gamer getting for the i7 others do say so.

2) Is the mainboard ok? I don't have much knowledge about what a mainboard should have/not have.

3) Whats the matter with the K after the names? Am I ok going for the ones without the K too? I'm not planing to OC much if it isn't necessary.

Edit: Here a pic of gw2 ingame with 19 FPS @ everything at lowest setting(looks crappy). By the way: when I raise the grapic settings to max.. i get about 17-18 fps. So there's definately a software issue or the i3 is simply too slow.

Hope you guys can help me!
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  1. The i5 should be enough,by the time it's bottlenecking games your PC will already be aged. You can get the i5 3450 which doesn't overclock.
    The motherboard is a budget board and doesn't support sli. You can get the UD3H for more balanced features.
  2. Wasn't there an optimization problem concerning GW2?
  3. yeah there was but they solved it and it didn't improve anything for me.

    So i went for the i5 and the ud3h!

    New problem: I want to give the old mobo + i3 my mum and for that i want to use a old ide dvd drive. Problem: when i plug the ide drive in the mobo (gigabyte ga-h55m-udh2) freezes at the first screen, i can't even get into the bios. When i plug it off, the board boots normaly. A sata hdd is pluged in too.

    thanks for help!
  4. Is the HDD master or slave? check jumper and cable position.
  5. Fixed, Set the Jumper to Slave and it worked. (did think I need to put it on master actually..)

    Thanks for advice guys!

    Can be closed!
  6. No worries!
  7. Enjoy your PC. Pick a best answer to close the thread.
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