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Orange light: Out of sight out of mind?

Hello Everyone,
Today I upgraded the stock hd 5750 gpu in my dell xps 8100 to a hd 7950.
With it I had to upgrade the stock power supply to a Corsair CX600.
Everything went smoothly with two exceptions;
1) The 24 pin power connector for the motherboard would not go in entirely (the snap isn't clipped).
2) I had to use the sata data cable from my disc drive for my hard drive as the hd cord would no longer reach with the enormous card now in the way.

After booting up and rebooting several times, everything is working perfectly end user-wise
(I ran Dell PC Checkup and everything passed and Gfx card is detected)
however the orange light on my motherboard is illuminated. Should I be worried about this and should I find someone to professionally troubleshoot?

~ To be completely honest I'm not sure whether the light was on prior to the upgrade. This was my first manual upgrade.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    Super tired but i quickly found this which might help a bit,
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