R7870 crossfire or GTX570 SLI

R7870 crossfire or GTX570 SLI

Im building a new cpu.
Radeon new chipset with cooler gpu and lower power consumption is making me think twice.
current specs im looking at:

Intel Core i5-2550k
AsRock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen3
8GB ram
750W or higher psu.
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    7870 Xfire is probably one of the most powerful setups that is available today.

    Easily capable of Extreme resolution gaming and ridiculous frames.

    Above is the extensive review of 2 7870s in Xfire - the results are, as usual with 7xxx series Xfire scaling, astounding.

    I'll be picking one up this weekend and Xfiring later.
  2. Sounds good. Hopefully i can see a better price in a month or two.
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