Building a new PC for Racing Games (Plz advice )

Hi all ,
I've just joined this awesome community and hoping to make new friends :)

I'm not a computer genius, and I want to build a new gaming rig for ~1000$ (+/- 200$) .
I play only car games (no shooting games like BF3 or WoW ,etc ever).

Requirement :

=> I want to be able to play all latest released racing games with maxed out settings comfortably. (<1200$)
=> I'll also buy a logitech G27 wheels + playseat for a more realistic racing experience later.

=> As far as monitor is concerned , I'm planning on buying a Dell U2412M 24-inch 16:10 LED monitor.
( Is 24-inch 16:10 better or 23-inch 16:9 better ? . Don't mind spending a few extra for 24 if its worth it )

My PC should be able to handle 2 of the same monitors with ultra settings

Configuration :

Processor = Intel i-5 3500 K
Graphic card = AMD HD 7850 2GB
mother board = MSI P67A-C43 B3 P67
RAM = 2x4 GB 1600 Mhz
Cabinet = NZXT Source 210 Elite USB3 Black
Power Supply = SeaSonic M12II 520W
HDD = 1TB / 2TB @7200rpm
CD Drive = Sony / Samsung
Key Board = Razer Arctosa gaming

I'm not interested in size/looks of the case , I want it to be efficient+cheap and keep the components cooled.

Doubts :

=> Is this configuration enough to play using 2 24-inch monitors with maxed out settings ?
=> Will the same be enough to play using a 40/50/65 inch LED TV instead of 2 monitors?
=> If I plan on adding a 3rd same monitor later , what should I do?
( I guess I have to add a second same graphic card ? So to do this do I have to go for i-5 3500 K instead of 3500 ? Will every other component be enough to support 3 monitors?

PS : I not familiar with the configurations , so any advice is welcome. :)

Thanks in advance :)
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  1. Also is Dell U2412M 16:10 better or U2312M 16:9 better? Which 1 should I go for?

    Thanks in advance :)
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    That computer will max out any racing games on a single monitor you may want to look into the radeon 7970 or a new Nvidia kepler card for the dual monitors
    A little more expensive but will run two monitors fine and will be better for any future games you wish to play

    Radeon 7970 -

    Nvidia 670 -
    on your question of the processor you only need the K if you plan on overclocking.

    Other than that and you do not need to get the better graphics card but it will be cheper than paying for a second later on and if you add a second 670 or 7970 the performance increase will be a lot better than dual 7850

  3. Sorry I did not mean to post that twice internet went funny
  4. Hi Mac,
    Thanks a lot mate.. But my budget is tight right now , so I can't afford a 500$ card.
    Also I have created a new thread about this by fully following the rules HERE

    I have planned to get a eyefinity setup as time goes by and I save more money :)
  5. Currently the nVidia 670 is running about $400 I know because I'm searching to buy the same card. Here's one question that I have that may save you some money. Is a two monitor setup a must? If not there is a cool product that's out that I plan on buying soon called the Head Tracker IR 5. What this does is allows you to look around a car or simulator by just simply tilting or turning your head slightly. Below is a link to the video to how it works. The one thing that is important is if this game that you are planning on playing is compatible with the Head Tracker. It only runs about $149 on Below is a link to the product website so you can find out if the game you're going to be playing is compatible.

    If you can go with one monitor that will save you some money to buy you a higher caliber of video card. Just my two cents. Hope this helps.

    Product website:
    Product demonstration:
  6. Thanks mate.. but the reason I decided to go for 2 monitors is bcos it'll look like a cars windshield . Also I might need 2 monitors for work purposes / play poker.
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