How to make my microphone/guitar work on my pc ??

Hi folks,

I just bought an adaptator 1/4 to 1/8 to record guitar on my pc. But when I plug it directly into my pc nothing happens, I can't record anything, no sound comes out and seems like my comp doesn't even recognize it ... So what may be the prob.? Is it from my pc drivers ? Or do I need to download anything to make it works? I tried to record on more than one program but I don't ear anything ... Otherwise the sound works fine and I never had any audio trouble ...
So yeah, if by any chance someone can help me to fix that problem I'd be grateful, cause really, I tried everything I could ..
By the way I run with Windows xp , and my speakers are not the orginals , but always and still work !

Thank's alot !
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  1. Well,have you tried running it on the coaxial out? That should work better.
  2. Oh that could be a good idea, i didn't try it yet ! I'll try it tomorrow morning and give news about it . Thank you !
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