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No display on monitor

Hey everyone!

Recently (yesterday) I was given a BRAND NEW XFX R6670 2gb ddr3 graphics card. I have installed it on my computer and am using it as we speak. But, the only problem is that I have to use HDMI to connect to my TV. When I use the RGA cable I have for my monitor, there is no display. I am however using a DVI to RGA adapter. Could that be the problem?
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    The problem could also be your monitor. Does it work with other cards? You could also have a problem with your adapter. VGA is a really old technology and if that's all your monitor supports than I would suggest an upgrade. The problem could in fact be the adapter as well. If you have another in your house I would try it if you haven't already.

    I could also explain the difference between VGA and DVI. DVI is the most versatile connector and has both analog and digital connections. When you hook up a DVI to VGA adapter like you have done, it runs off of the analog connectors on the DVI port. The thing is, there are a few DVI ports that don't have the analog capability. If the card came with the adapter it probably has the right kind of DVI (dual link). If not, it won't work with any VGA port.

    Get a new monitor even if you can get this one to work.
  2. Yes, the monitor does work with the old card (the one the comp came with) can't remember what you call it. Anyways, I guess I will just have to upgrade my monitor then. Thanks for the reply!
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  4. The instructions for this card says to NOT use DVI to VGA adapter. Only connect DVI-D connector. I have same card and I used an adapter to connect to old type of monitor and it didn't work. I used a monitor that had a DVI plug and it worked perfectly.
  5. The problem could in fact be the adapter as well.
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