Custom boutique VS DIY - Need Advice

First, let me state this is not intended to open a flame war or bait others for what I am wanting to seriously know. What I ask below is a legit question which I am hoping to get some legit straight answers to. That said, here is what I want to know:

What is the advantages of using a high-end custom boutique (Maingear, Origin PC, Digital Storm, etc.) system builder VS doing it yourself?

I am currently planning to upgrade my workstation soon and have put together my parts list at this time. Places such as Maingear, Origin PC, Digital Storm, etc. can do custom builds with these same parts. What I have found though is quite shocking, but something I need to find out from others that have bought systems like from these vendors. Where is the huge cost difference coming from when compared to getting everything from places like Newegg, Amazon, etc. and doing it yourself? Obviously, not everyone can or does have the technical skills, but I have built fully custom systems several times, done case mods, liquid cooling etc. so it's not a big deal for me. Also, I realize you get one phone number to call for tech support and most systems have a 2-3 year warranty. But you still get those warranties from companies that make the parts too, such as video cards, Intel, Corsair, etc. so you are still covered, just not as convenient.

The reason I pose the question is the cost difference in buying and building myself VS most all high-end vendors is anywhere from $1,800-2,500 more expensive. This is for the EXACT same specs, nothing changed except you are doing it instead of them. Granted, I expect some price difference just to stay in business, but when it amounts to about $2,000 plus that I don't understand. That is why I am asking it in a serious manor, what are you getting for that extra price if it is the same parts and you still have warranty? For those that have bought some very expensive computers from places like these, did you get your money worth, feel like it was worth it, etc.? Also, for those that did it yourself making a really high-end rig on your own, any downside or feelings of paying more to have it done for you?

Thanks for sharing any thoughts or experience on this, hope it helps me make a decision.
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  1. I am quite happy building my own PC. It taught me a sense of accomplishment building something and using it with my bare hands.
  2. The warranty and phone support
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