After market cpu cooler do i need one?

after market cpu cooler do i need one?

my specs
AMD Athlon II x4 645 3.1ghz
EVGA 550 ti 1gb
8gb ram
windows 7 64bit

games i play for long hours.
guild wards II
counter strike:global offensive
nba 2k12

what after market cooler do u recommend?
im not looking to overclock
and why do i need a after market cooler?
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  1. The main reason people buy aftermarket coolers is to keep the CPU temperature as low as possible. What made you think you would need an aftermarket cooler? Noise too high on stock? Stock cooler not efficient enough?
  2. If you're not overclocking, and your not having issues with heat or noise, there is no reason to get an aftermarket cooler.
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    I will go a step further and say that there are good reasons not to get an aftermarket cooler.

    In particular, the majority of them do not cool the motherboard even a tiny bit whereas the stock coolers do.

    If you did want to get an aftermarket cooler (I wouldn't suggest it) you will need to ensure the motherboard components like the voltage regulators still get adequate cooling which might entail an additional expense.
  4. it doesnt run hot, its not loud. i was mainly going for looks xD and i dont overclock i have no idea how
  5. also what is danger zone for my processor?
  6. OCing isn't that hard to figure out, especially if your motherboard has UEFI in it.

    Anyway, I still wouldn't recommend it, even if you can do it. MSI boards like to blow up when they are OCd with non-stock fans because their voltage regulators get too hot.

    What temperatures are you getting now? I don't know off the top of my head avg temps for every processor out there, but I can tell you if the numbers you report are higher than what I would expect. You can measure with HWMonitor from CPUID.
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