Amd 3 6 ghz am3 fx 8150 processor review

Hello, I am very confused about purchase the best proccesor for 3D rendering. can i buy this AMD fx 8150...?? What you think about my decision for purchase this AMD fx 8150..????i have read many reviews some people says that, proccesor is best bt aftersome time AMD have heating issues???????? Anyone sugest me that perfact proccesor for 3D rendering.
Please Help.....!
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  1. Wait for the next version the pile driver to come out before you go and take the AMD plunge.....
  2. You want the best processor for 3d rendering, price is no object?

    If so, it isn't that.

    You would be looking more at something more like an i7-3930k and its going to cost like $600 by itself.
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