$1800 gaming build

I am willing to build a new gaming rig for myself.
I will be gaming a lot...i will be playing max payne 3,GTA 5,the next Batman game(whenever it comes out!) and all the games releasing in the next 2 years @ 1080p and 3D as well as with physx if possible.i want my system to be quiet and look sexy with you professionals suggesting the Chassis mods...the reason i am asking for a $1800 build and not $2000 build is because i live in India and in here $1800=well $2000.
Parts i have already chosen(you may suggest me as well!)

Intel core i5 2500k $227
GTX 680 $618
Asus extreme 4 $263
LG 23' 3D monitor $290
8 GB Vengenance 1600 $56
CM 690 II nvidia usb 3 $136
Corsair tx750 $127
Speakers $72

Total $1789
this will give you an idea of the price difference of USA from that of India so if i left out something suggest me! :)
and tell me if this is a good rig.thanks! :)
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  1. i recommend getting a ivy bridge chip because they are faster.
    i also recommend getting a antec 302 case because it is cheaper
    asus does ot make extreme4 boards. that is asrock. i recommend getting the gigabyte z77x-ud3h because it is better
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    -Yes, move your CPU up to an I5-3570k for just 20 more dollars

    -Also add a Hyper 212+ to keep the CPU cool (your going to want to overclock it)

    -I doubt you really want to spend that much on your mother board, compare it to some that are in the 150 range and see if you are really going to use those other features, I would take some of that money and put it into your sound system.

    -If you want 3D you want either BenQ XL2420TX or ASUS VG Series VG278H. I've actually done a lot of research on this as I wanted to 3D in my recent build as well. I ended up deciding to wait until my next upgrade cycle in 6 months and just got a nice 27" for now. If you can't afford either of those 3D monitors, I would wait it out.

    -I would back your Video card down to GTX 670. The 680 is only benching 5% stronger, and costs significantly more. People are literally selling their 680's to "downgrade" to 670's. Phantom ....awesome=Storm Sniper...super awesome=COOLER MASTER HAF X
  3. Get the 3750k about 10$ more i believe.

    NightShift raises good points:
    BenQ monitors are amazing for 3d experience go with one of them (the 3d experience for pc isn't quite there yet if you're looking to game. Performance wise i wouldn't consider playable)
    670 you can just do a small o.c & get the same performance & I think it would be benefical for your budget to take that extra money & maybe add led Case fans or something.

    If you like the fancy Sleek clean look go for Corsair 650D; One of CoolerMasters HAF Cases would fit well; SilverStone TJ 07/04; NZXT Switch 810.
  4. so......according to what you guys have suggested,i've made the following changes.

    i5 3750k
    Asus GTX 670 Direct CU II $581 (it is not available anywhere in india right now....will get it after 1 -2 months :( )
    NZXT Phantom
    hyper 212+ or liquid cooler?
    gigabyte z77x-ud3h
  5. and the monitor,do you guys think i'll have more fun on a 27' non 3D monitor or a 24' 3D monitor(i'd be watchin 3D movies too(if i get the 3D one) )
  6. 3D is something you will have to see to believe. Everyone's mileage varies.
  7. Quote:
    3D is something you will have to see to believe. Everyone's mileage varies.

    ughr! i dont know! its so confusing! :(
    maybe i should just get a 27' monitor(non 3D)
  8. and as for the cab guys....i am really liking the NZXT guardian 921 and CM 690 II nvidia edition usb 3.0...
  9. and i am hearing rumors that there is heavy loss of performance on nvidia Kepler GPUs
    under heavy loads and that nvidia is recalling all the kepler gpus,is that true!?
  10. No, that is babushkas.
  11. azeem40 said:
    No, that is babushkas.

    ok, thanks... :)

    So,here's my final rig guys!

    i5 2500k (i5 3750k is not available in india right now)

    ASUS P8Z77-VLX (is it good? cant find the gigabyte one)

    8gb corsair vengeance 1600 ram

    GTX 670 (which brand?)

    NZXT guardian 921

    AOC 27' (E2795VH)

    corsair h50 liquid cooler

    anything i am missing? suggest! :bounce:
  12. Hyper 212 EVO > H50.
  13. really???? ok i'll get the 212 evo.....i thought h50 is a liquid cooler so it must be better...thanks btw...... :)
  14. while you are getting the hyper 212, slap 2 fractal silent series fans for push pull (if they have them in india) or put a noctua nf-f12 fan. these are much more quieter than the stock hyper 212 fan
  15. none of them are available here :(
    if the evo makes noise...then maybe i should go with corsair h100 liquid cooler or cooler master v6 gt?
  16. Quote:
    ASUS P8Z77-VLX (is it good? cant find the gigabyte one)

    Yes, very good. I just bought the P8Z77 Pro, it's a great motherboard, the bios works great even on startup. Just remember to disable the damn CPU fan low speed warning error, that alarm sounds no matter what.

    8gb corsair vengeance 1600 ram

    Will fit fine in the board, just realize if you get the Hyper 212 (which I did), you'll have to orient it the right way so the RAM can slide in. I tried to do the RAM first, then put the cooler in, it didn't fit.

    Also, I'd probably skip the water cooler. The above suggestions for the Hyper 212 is very good. It's a pretty big sink and fan, should be plenty for the 3750k, which I also have. I have mine overclocked to 4.1, CPU is plenty cool with just the fan.
  17. ok.....ordering my rig....any final suggestions greatly appreciated....

    i5 2500k
    Asus P8Z77-VLX
    Corsair vengeance 1600 Ram
    Gtx 670(thinking of getting the direct CU II)
    NZXT guardian 921
    Cooler Master Hyper 212 evo
    AOC 27' monitor(1920x1080) (E2795VH)
    Madcatz mouse
    Razer Lycosa Keyboard
    creative 5.1 channel speakers....

    Any last minute suggestions? and thanks for greatly helping me guys! :)
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