Can i run gta 4 and at what settings

gtx 560 1gb ddr5
asrock n68 s3 ucc
amd athlon 2 x 2 250 3.00ghz
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  1. Such a huge GPU for your Processor, mobo and resolution lol ! of course you can run it, at medium or even at high but you may get lag when theres many things going. I have a system almost as yours, but my GPU is way less powerfull and my resolution is higher. I can play at medium-high, but the game kills my processor, even overclocked at 3.8ghz

    You should OC a little your CPU so the bottlenecking wont be that notorius.
  2. i could get 30fps on my Laptop running discrete graphics ( i think it was like an ati 4400 or something) I think you should run it on high settings absolutely no problem.
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