Any ideas please

Ok I have a new set up and just the graphics card left to buy its deff going to be a Nvidia 570 DID have it all my set up sorted (with advice from people on heer)

But the one I had decided on the Asus 1280MB GeForce GTX 570 DirectCU II ..Great cooling and low noise looks great and black so matched my powder coated case interier. BUT having read this card weighs so much it sags. .......DAM.DAM DAM so what would people recomend ?????? my set up use follows.......

I DON'T do any gaming its just for general use and some video and photo editing ( Yes I know the set up may be over kill but I wanted a nice comp) The comp is on a lot of hours a day around 12 plus hours a day my main considerations are heat and noise. I will be running TWO Iiyama ProLite B2409HDS 24" monitors

I have all so considerd the following cards the MSI would have been great buy why they do a BROWN PCB YUCK

1280MB EVGA GTX 570 HD Superclocked, 40nm, 3900MHz GDDR5, GPU 797MHz, Shader 1594MHz, 480 Cores

1280MB MSI Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC - 1280MB MSI GTX 570 Twin Frozr III Power Edition/OC, 40nm, 4000MHz GDDR5, GPU 770MHz, Shader 1540MHz (shame about the brown PCB)

1280MB Gainward GTX 570 Phantom, 40nm, 1950MHz GDDR5, GPU 750MHz, Shader 1600MHz, 480 Cores, DP/HDMI

Asus P9X79 Deluxe Motherboard
Intel Core i7 3930K
120GB OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS Edition (for opperating system)
Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB times two for storage
16GB Corsair DDR3 Vengeance LP PC3-12800 (1600), Non-ECC, CAS 8-8-8-24, XMP, 1.5V
Corsair H80 Hydro
Cooler Master Silent Pro M 850w psu
Coolermaster SickleFLow Blue LED Quiet Case Fan 120mm times five
two times LG blue ray burner drives
Cooler Master Cosmos 1100 sport
Iiyama ProLite B2409HDS 24" monitors
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More about ideas please
  1. First, i'd say a cheaper gpu and a larger ssd would make more sense in your case. Unless your editing projects are quite big, a 570 isn't quite worth it. A larger ssd on the other hand... you can never have enough ssd space.

    As for which model gpu, it really doesn't matter. Base your choice on warranty, brand, aesthetics, noise. You don't need an oced version but non reference coolers are usually quieter. Don't worry about sagging too much, if you screw it in right it should be fine. A slight slag won't damage anything.

    edit: this galaxy one has extra support for multiple monitors.
    The huge asus one will look the nicest because it has a backplate. For some reason, gpus are designed so the heat sinks face the wrong way and no one sees them.
  2. Well a 120 SSD should be ok for me as my curent system my C drive I have 39 Gig used that,s all as I store EVERY THING on the western dig 1TB blacks.

    EVGA now do a life time warenty on that card. My only concern is dose it get hot having one fan and is it noisy ?? (and is the PCB black) Its a two slot card so shouldn't sag. I realise it may be over kill for what I do but I would rather have over kill and not use it than regreat not having it there (same as getting the i7 3930K processor thats dead over kill for my needs))

    I realise the Asus card won't damage my MB by sagging BUT for me it just look dam ugly IF it dose sag

    Has any one got the EVGA card ??? dose it get hot is it quiet is the PCB black ? I know function should be the most important thing but I am on my comp 12 plus hours a day a lot of the time so have to look at the thing as well and a sagging card would bug the hell out me ........If it didn,t sag I would go the Asus card saying that with a two slot card I allways have the option of a 2nd card (not that I need it)
  3. wow, good job keeping your file system clean. Do you install programs to c?

    Even with slight sagging, the asus card will look better since it has a backplate. The other ones show you the pcb. You could always buy a backplate for the other ones i suppose, but don't quote me on that since i've only applied 3rd party backplates to wc blocks.

    But yes the evga one is a good card. You don't game so it will never get hot or noisy. If the default fan speed is slightly loud (i.e. if you demand silence) you can always adjust the curve.
  4. Yes all programs on my c drive

    the sag would drive me mad as I have to look at it. All so the EVGA card is a two slot card so if did want a second card (not that I need it) It would fit
  5. The evga card is fine and i can understand not wanting sag.

    Don't ever put two gpus in a non-gaming/non-workstation machine though. It would cause more problems then it's worth. The exception being if you wanted a large array of monitors, but then you'd go with amd.
  6. No I have just the two monitors thats more than enough for me
  7. So do you know has the EVGA card got a black PCB ?
  8. Thanks there well looks like its going to be the EVGA one unless some one says why not .......So you recon thats up to runing two 24" moniters for video and photo work I watch films on comp as well but just one screen while doing genral comp stuff on other screen. I cant find sod all about noise and heat from this card on the net. I would love to hear from some one who has one.
  9. here's a review on that card:
    It mentions sound and heat on page 19.

    It far exceeds necessary requirements to run two 1080p movies at once. If it supported more than two monitors it would run at least 5 1080p movies at once. Twice as many if it was a 2gb version.

    edit: There are three versions of this card on newegg (plus a refurbished one). This one is the best since it has the unlimited warranty and is cheaper than the "free sweepstakes version".
  10. Great stuff thanks It will be the HD version but presume more or less the same is my PSU up to the job then ?
  11. ok, the hd version is fine.
    Like everything else your psu is far more than you need. Your system could run on 550W. Lots of headroom isn't necessarily bad though. That psu should last you a long time. What made you pick it though? Personally i'd prefer something by seasonic or corsair.
    What about the following:

    The corsair one has a 7 year warranty. Both are more efficient than the CM one. The CM one is still very good, just makes more sense to spend money on efficiency rather than more wattage than you could ever use.

    Tell me what store you're using if you want me to find the best ones per price there.
  12. Just had it about year and a half / 2 years now was one recomended at the time cost me £140 at the time the PSU, Blue ray drivesand 2 x Wester digital caviar blacks 1Tb are coming out my current comp........Ill put my old 550 PSU back in leave one WD caviar black in (had 3) and a old optical drive so my old one will still be a working comp.........My parts I get from Scan there very good ultra fast delivery and they do whats called Scan insure (builders insurance) on £1500 of parts it cost me £35 for Scan insure and you get 28 days from delivery so any acedents as in drop parts or break them or damage them etc etc Scan instantly replace them .........Just as well as my Cooler Master Cosmos 1100 sport case I accedently put scratch across the front ........No quibble or messing Scan instantly replaced it. In the Uk there about one of the cheapest for comp parts .....some times a few quid more but becouse of the fantastic service, fast delivery, and Scan insure its well worth it.
  13. You have the CM psu already? if so, that's fine. It will work perfectly.
  14. Yes from my current comp
  15. right, i could have just read you sig, lol.
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