I-5 2500k with 6870 vs i-3 2120 with 7850

due to my budget i am little tied between these two. either i can buy 6870 with i-5 2500k or i can buy 7850 but then i would have to buy i-3 processor. help me choose.plz and thnx
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  1. What is it you want to do with the computer?

    If 100% of the time it is going to be gaming then maybe the one with the 7850 + i3.

    However, it does depend somewhat on the game too, because most games can only use 2 cores anyway, but some can use more. For the ones that can use more (like multiplayer in BF3) it would be a good idea to lean the other direction.
  2. i am buying it for gaming. i do use adobe but not that much.I am upgrading for gaming and new games do take advantage of the 4 cores. what about going with 2500 k and later cross firing the graphic card with another to get better result cause 2100 cant be over clocked and i wana keep that option open
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    Well, I am not a big fan of OCing or using multiple video cards, but 2500k + 6870 might be the better idea in this specific case.
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