New graphic card to solve BF3 problem?

First of my computer spec:

AMD Phenom II x4 945

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-790XTA-UD4

8 GB kingston DDR3 RAM

2x ATI Readeon HD 5770 with crossfire

But to the problem, ever since the patch number two for Battlefield 3 I have had problems with stuttering in the game. I had it before patch number one, and the problem went away with patch number one, but came back after the second patch.
It seems very random, I can play for a week or two without the stuttering, and suddenly it starts again for a couple of weeks. And it dosent start right away when i play, it happens after my first death, or after 1-20 minutes. It basically makes the game unplayble. My internet speed is working properly, 25/5

I feel I have tried everything to fix it. I have disable crossfire, remvoed one of the graphic cards, tried switching them, clean the inside of my computer. Delete the drivers and install older ones, diffrent Catalyst Application Profiles, new virus and firewall programs, and format my computer. After that I installed all the drivers I had during patch number one when the game worked properly, and had only the most basic programs installed on my computer, but to no use..

I'am running the game on medium, and it goes very smooth when its working properly. But I have tried with all the graphic's on absolute low when it stutters, but it do not have any effect.

So in a desperet try I was wondering if it may help by changing some of the hardware, primarily my graphic card? Since I am considering a new card I was hoping it may solve my BF3 problems? Or is it just a meaningless shoot in the dark? In that case do some of you have a suggestion to what may solve it? :)
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  1. Bump :)
  2. IM NOT HERE TO HELP YOU..didn't want to get your hopes up..

    I'm a victim as well. Coming back to BF3 after a few month break to find that after my first death in my first game after a fresh load of BF3 I get stuttering.

    I'm running a

    Phenom II X4 955 BE
    Single HD 6950 2GB
    8GB RAM
    Windows 7 64

    Looks like one thing we have in common is AMD CPU and GPU...but I've heard Nvidia/Intel users complaining about this too. What mouse are you using? I've been doing some reading about mouse lag causing this stuttering. I have a Logitech G500 and using Setpoint software that came with it.

    If you find/found a fix, let me know..good luck. :(
  3. Did you check your temps?
  4. Sunius said:
    Did you check your temps?

    Yea I did..temps are all fine.

    BF3 is the only game I have an issue with, I've never experienced stuttering before in any game.

    I played Skyrim and Metro 2033 today on ultra settings and no issues at all..checked the temps while having Metro on full load a cpl days ago and it was fine.

    Like I said in my happens RIGHT after my first death of a new game.

    Meaning I could play for 5 hrs with stuttering, close BF3, open it and have it run butter smooth, but as soon as I die it starts stuttering.
  5. Here is a video I just made showing myself with no stutter in a fresh game, then killing myself. After I respawn you can clearly see how much it is stuttering.
  6. Sry for triple posting here..but bump :(
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