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I've just bought a 2560 x 1600 monitir and have 2 x Asus GTX580s in SLI. I can only get 1280 x 1600 with my single DVI connector but have read that I might need a dual-link adapter. I'm not sure which sort to buy - does it have to connect to a HDMI port on the monitor?

It's a windows 7 set-up, if that makes any difference.

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  1. DVI cables do not connect to HDMI ports, they connect to DVI ports. HDMI cables, as you might expect, are used for HDMI ports.

    Here's a handy guide to what the different DVI connectors look like. You should be fine with anything labeled dual link. HDMI cables might work as well if your video card supports them, but HDMI was not designed with resolutions higher than 1080p in mind and I've heard of people having issues at 2560x1600 over HDMI.
  2. single dvi doesnt support that resolution
    dual dvi does
    i dont think hdmi does, it might though

    that monitor must have a displayport or soemthing right?
  3. It's got all sorts of ports for display & audio (even speaker power) but I'll stick with DVI to dual-DVI. Thanks.
  4. You can't go DVI to dual DVI... the dual DVI would just get a single link's worth of info. You need to plug the dual link DVI into the GPU on one end and the monitor on the other.
  5. I just ordered one of these from Scan:
    5m DV-205 DVI-D to DVI-D DUAL-LINK Monitor Cable (for TFT Monitors) Premium Signal Quality
    I get it now. This site was helpful too:
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