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Hi guys,

I am going to upgrade my gpu.

My cpu is i5 750 @ 3.1ghz with turbo 3.6 ghz.

Which one should I get?

Are hd 7950 and gtx 680 worth extra money over hd 7870?

I found a review that one guy got 1175mhz on hd7850. Is this better option than 7870 for $100 less?

I think $450+ on a gpu is too much.

However, if gtx 680 are priced right I might consider that too.

Evga gtx 570 is $290 and can be stepped up later (step up to gtx 670 later?)

I am so confused as what to get.

I mostly play BF3 @1080p and I want to max it out.

Will my cpu bottleneck any of these?
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  1. The GTX 680 hasn't been relaesed just yet , though it should be tomorrow , and so there haven't been any benckmarks to look at and compare also the pricing is a guess at this point as well. Since the release is immenent you should wait and see what the benches are then you can make a better decision. The prices for the older cards are being lowered a bit and we should see what those bottom out at because there will be some good deals there. Right now you can get a GTX 580 for under $400 which the 580 is still a powerful card and will give great frame rates and game play. A 580 will still let you play BF3 on ultra and at 1080p.
  2. I'd just wait for benchmarks and go from there. However i wouldn't be too optimistic about the gtx 680 being priced at $500 i think its wishful thinking but would be nice :]
  3. I would think the 7870 would be the sweet spot card. It gets amazing OC and its very efficient with power management and performance.

    The 7850 is also good, really just depends on how much performance you want to pay for.

    there are gtx580s that are really cheap with the imminent launch of the 680 which would give you the best performance for your money but with a lot more power draw and a few less features.
  4. I stopped using ATI GPUs years ago because of buggy drivers. I tried an AMD recently and it still had buggy drivers. Maybe I'll try another some day but why should I? I know everybody has driver bugs occasionally but ATI/AMD problems are the rule rather than the exception.
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