SLI Mark 11 results for 560 ti

I'd appreciate any help with a question. I ran a 3d mark11 and was the result. Im a little confused as it indicates my ram is 667 when its 1600 also my cpu is oc'd to 4.6 and it says 1.5 or something. I think i know why but not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Specs are:

cpu: 2600k oc'd to 4.6 (not sure if I did that correctly by turning off turbo) w'water cooling
ram is 16gb of corsair vengance @1600
video: 1 MSI twin frozr 560ti and 1 zotac 560ti sli'd
700watt psu (I know it could be a slight higher but I did some online check and it indicated that all I needed was 650 or something)

Also, the software indicates that I have a low score this correct.

Thanks again.
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  1. Despite your statement, I can't see a 700w running an entire pc of those specs. I had the exact same issue in my machine, and upon testing, discovered my problems were originating from my 700w PSU. Have you had any system crashes whatsoever? If not, are you able to play demanding applications like SLI 560s should be able to? (such as bf3 or metro)
  2. I am very able to play BF3 (dont have metro) and I never crash. I do however, get the stuttering that I hear about or wild frame rate drops to like 25-30 and then back up to 65-85 fps. Its usually while moving or turning quickly especially while flying. Its not lost on me that the 700w psu mught be the issue. I have every possible piece of connection hooked up to either a fan (4 120mm fans) a pump video card, drive etc. Im not exactly sure the specifics but I would think in one of those fps drops while turning quickly, the cards are requiring a little more juice that just isnt that correct? Do you have any Idea about my other questions...anyone?
  3. Sorry mistake
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