Is this power supply good?

It looks good and has some good reviews (even won Hardware secrets gold award, whatever that is, lol) although a few also complain about it dying pretty fast, even frying the mobo and taking the pc with it.

I am building on a budget however, and have a max of 800 dollars to spend on parts. On sale for only 40 bucks from NCIX, this thing looks like an amazing deal. Still, its not worth it if its gonna die on me and/or damage my other parts.. I could potentially upgrade to a Corsair TX series for another 40 dollars or so, but my tight budget would require me to cut back in other areas of the build like the GPU.

What do you think of this power supply? Would you consider it reliable? Or would you cut back on the performance of the build for a Corsair psu?
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  1. It's a decent PSU that is budget oriented. A great deal on a PSU rightnow is the Antec Neo Eco 520 at Newegg for $45 after instant discount:
    Higher qualty PSU that is based on the Seasonic 12II-520 and you don't have to wait for rebate. Review of the 620W version:
    What are your system specs for the build?

    Go check that out, it explains power supply certs pretty well so you can understand the differences.

    That looks like an OK power supply but not fantastic basically.
  3. This power supply is rated just fine, you should not have any problems with it at all, buy it!
  4. +1 to the first two posts. OCZ makes decent PSUs - but not as good as the ones Rugger linked to. If you post full specs and your ideal budget range we can suggest something (you can always pay more for better quality).

    Do not trust newegg reviews as an only source of information. Most people have no idea what they are reviewing. Also most reviews are in the first couple weeks -- so they do not indicate long-term quality/viability and often negatives mostly reflect problems with rebates and things like that.
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