Is there a real gain using two fans on liquid cooling system?

OK, I have a Antec KUHLER H2O 620 in a push set up. I am pushing air out of the case with a 120MM fan that I took off a Cooler Master V6 GT.

I would love to have 2 fans in a push/pull set up but it's a real pain in the sack trying to fit it in my case. I do have the option of mounting it on top where a 120mm exhaust goes but I was worried that the pump wouldn't function as intended if not properly placed.

The real question is, Does it make that big of a difference having a push/pull config or does it only help with a celsius or two?

In my bios, the cpu temp is at 38c with one fan. Can it get any better than that? I'm sure this PC wont exceed 55 - 60c Max under full load.
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    There is nothing wrong in trying, I've tested this on several systems that I build, it does makes a difference. It helps cool your radiator fins a lot faster with the 2 fan setup.
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