My mouse is not working good & it keeps making bell sound (red light goes on

My mouse is not working good (hard to manuver) & it keeps making bell sound (red light goes on & off) why is it doing that? How do I fix? Or do I need a new mouse? It is a compaq brand that is the same as the computer....Help please...
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  1. Hi Dana 58,

    Is it a wireless mouse? - could be the batteries need changing...
  2. Hi, No it's not wireless. I'm practically fighting with it now to get it to move where I want it to. Can you think of anything else to help me? Sincerely, Dana
  3. I'm not an expert but the more information you provide, the more chance there is that someone can help you.

    Have you tried a different USB port (if that's the connection type)?

    Is there a light under the mouse(optical) or is it a ball (it can be removed and the rollers cleaned inside)?

    Is it on a mousemat? - have you changed this recently - Some mice wont work on certain surfaces.

    Does the mouse have any identifying letters or numbers on it?

    Its also worth noting that replacement mice are easy to come by and are not expensive.

    Good luck Dana
  4. Have you tried leaving it unplugged for a few minutes and then plugging it back in? Have you tried going into Control Panel and Hardware to see if it is some software issue?
  5. What model of laptop and mouse?
  6. Hi All, Thank you for some really good ideas of what might be wrong. I did go to the control panel & from what I could see it says that it's working although I'm not really tech savvy so it's possible I didn't cover all bases with that. Briefly the keyboard wouldn't work but it's working again. The mouse is still being weird. I wonder if I might need to buy a new mouse?? I will try the unplug it for a few minutes suggestion next (Do I unplug it with the computer on or off?) The computer is a desk model (not a laptop) & the model is Compaq Presario CQ5300Y-PC, the mouse is also a Compaq, I'm not sure what the model number of it is as there are different numbers on, pid, ct, all have numbers following those letters & I don't know what any of that stands for (sorry for being such a dork) I appreciate the helpful suggestions. OMG, it keeps doing the weird sound/light gettin' stuck thing, it's driving me CRAZY!
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