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i had a radeon 5450 in my PC and put a radeon 6870 in it and everquest 2 runs crappy it was better with the 5450.....anyone know why?
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  1. with same graphics same resolution ???

    Assuming you have installed it correctly plugged pci-e cables and installed drivers probably your game is now running at another graphics, maybe if you lower at the same point you were using your 5450 you will get same graphics.

    Maybe you aren't using the Pci Video card, make sure your monitor is connected to the video card slot, and that your game is set to run on it, maybe you are running with onboard video card.

    i would say, check graphics probably you were running at much lower graphics before, and now the game is lagged because you are running at higher settings.
  2. I just changed my ATI Radeon 4850 512Mb by a new ATI Radeon 6850 1Gb and also noted that the game runs slowly.
    I can use any kind of performance setting and always is at the same 15-35fps.

    When i was using the 4850 i have a lot of graphics settings to low but i was able to get 60fps in some zones and 25 as minimun.

    In other games runs fine.

    Kind regars,
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