ATI 4850: red light issue

my computer keeps randomly powering off by itself, without creating any kind of crash report. When this happens a red light comes on on my ATI 4840, and the computer won't power back up until it goes off. Having google'd this a bit it seems it can be either down to over heating or the card not getting enough power.

I've used SpeedFan to look at the temp and whenever I start my computer it is at around 78-81C and the fan isn't running, and I have to (in SpeedFan) stick the fan speed up on my card to 45-50%, however this keeps the temp pretty stable around 40C and this doesn't rise before my computer powers off.

Based on this, do you think it's most likely that my card isn't getting enough power, or is it still likely to be a overheating issue?

Thanks for your hel
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  1. just happened again, my fan on the GPU does run at startup, SpeedFan just has it down at 0% speed for some reason, even though I can up it.
  2. make sure your fans are really running... make sure your have connected everething correctly including pci-e cables 4850 need one pci-e cable.

    What is your psu? maybe it is not enough for the computer.

    Giving computer specs will help us to help you.
  3. remove the graphic card dust it of the replace her use this free and report temp back addinng put fan back to 100% in sppeedfan and uncheck the automatic box
  4. ricardos - my fans are really running

    psu: 400W SilverStone Strider aPFC
    motherboard: Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2
    processer: Intel Core i5 750,
    then one hard drive, 2gb ram, one dvd drive and a network card that's not being used. so afaia my PSU should be enough?

    scout - done what you said, the temps from HWiNFO are all 42-45C for my GPU, was there any other info you wanted from that?

    okay, after looking around abit i've found some minimum requirements for my GPU that says 450w power supply, so that could be the issue rather than over heating?
  5. i upped fan speed to 100% which drops the GPU temps to around 36C.

    One thing I should note is sometimes my computer won't start up even when it's not been on a while, the red lights come on straight away, so from that and what else I've seen, I'm now thinking it's definitely a PSU issue
  6. temp for gpu are good a bigger psu could help the 400 watts is limited to 30 amp you need around 50 amp to be safe on a single 12 volts line
  7. how many amp it got on the 12 volts line adding this one tha a guy took on the reviews for the one you linked better
  8. I've found the data for the one I posted here:
    and for yours here:

    which suggests 27A or 36A, unless I'm looking at the wrong thing?

    thanks for all your help
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