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Hi I have a 3 monitor Eyefinity, TrackIR 5 display problem. I have the AMD Radeon HIS 7950 with 3 monitors set up correctly "I think", I am using the dvi port on all 3 monitors. One with the monitor going to an active display port adapter then on to a mini dv port, one monitor going to HDMI port, and the last running from DVI to DVI. I set up the three monitors with the AMD control center. My win 7 desktop is streched over all three monitors like it's supposed to be (5760X1080) in display properties. I calibrated TrackIR 5 correctly, I chose my game of choice FSX in the TrackIR menu. Minimised TrackIR to desktop and enter FSX. When it's time to fly all 3 monitors are duplicated....not streched like there supposed to be. I have 3 front cockpit views, one in each monitor. Oh I also changed the "WideViewAspect to True in the fsx.cfg file. I hope someone out there can help me figure this out!
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  1. Hi,i know this is a video using a 6xxx series card but set up should be the same. I think that there are 2 more parts to this video.
    Hope this helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXqWyj6SXMA
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