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Can I drop a Pentium III Tualatin 1.4GHz in a computer that came with a Pentium III Coppermine 866MHz? It's a Compaq Presario 5010US if that makes any difference. I think I need a new HS/fan also because the heat spreader on the Tualatin is larger than the Coppermine. Thanks!
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  1. Hi

    I suggest you read this info

    and look at Intels site for CPU specifications

    then ask HP Technical support (if they have records going back 12 years)
    You would have to know the exact model number of the P III 1.4GHz

    866MHz max power 26Watt 1.4GHz max power 32 Watt

    also check CPU voltage range of motherboard 1.75V or 1.5V ?


    Mike Barnes
  2. I've tried the HP support website and I can find the specs of this computer, but no lsit of supported processors. I've also looked for a list of supported processors for the motherboard with no success. It's a BMW 2 (Tonka) mobo, from what I've been able to find. I know the voltage is different between the two chips, but from what I've read, the mobo will automatically detect that and adjust. This - is the processor I have now, and this - is what I'd like to put in. If it's not possible, could I put in the highest Coppermine processor I can find, like this? - Thanks!
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