Which would be better upgrade wise

I am needing to know which way would be a better way for me to go, with my current setup should I add and solid state drive to it along with adding a liquid cooling setup to the CPU or should I just due a complete upgrade to a 990FX series motherboard along with 8Gigs of Ram and just reuse my current CPU and the remaining hardware in my system. Also I am in school right now and my PC can't be down for more then a day so I am wanting to know which would be a better way to go upgrade wise. I am happy with what I got at this point in time, I haven't found any newer game that my PC couldn't run so I think a solid state drive and a liquid cooling unit for the CPU would be a good idea but I wanting other opinions on this so I am asking everyone here on Guru 3D. So in everyone's opinion what would be a better way to go. Any and all advice will be very appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. ERR, it might be a good idea to tell us exactly what your current rig is, whats your budget upgrade and where do you hail from ?
  2. Sorry about that I forgot to post my setup. My budget is 200$.

    My Setup:

    Gigabyte 785G motherboard
    8Gig of PC6400 DDR2 Ram
    500Gig Western Digital Black Series Hard Drive
    XFX 6870 2Gig Graphics Card
    Phenom II X6 1055T @ factory clock speed
    Duel DVD Burners from LG
    Thermaltake 750 PSU
    Onboard Realtek HD Audio
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