Nvidia 560ti on a 37in screen at 1080p?

Hello all!

I am looking at having a gaming rig in my living room and was planning on hooking my pc up to my 37in LG LCD tv.

My question is, will I be able to play most games (such as BF3, Diablo 3, SC2) on high?

Thats a lot of screen for one card to power.

I plan on getting a i5 2500k as a processor.
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  1. Yes, screen size doesn't matter, resolution does. in this case the 560ti is perfectly fine.
  2. It will max out SC2 easily. bf3 will need to have some settings lowered, but should be fine on highish settings. D3, obviously we don't know yet, but its blizzard so I doubt it would be too demanding.

    As amuffin said though, screen size is irrelevant. the card will perform exactly as it would with a 22" 1080p monitor.

    I am assuming this TV is 1080p also. If its not, i wouldn't even bother. those crappy 1366x768 non-hd tv's look awful at those sizes...
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