Need help deciding which cpu to get

I need some advice on what to buy right now this is what I am looking at.

cpu i3 or

mb: or

vid card:

I open to any changes that will help with fps, the build is for gaming running top end graphics isnt the most important thing for me but it needs to run over 40 fps. Right now I sit at 12 fps (i am running a phenom 9950 with a radeon 3850 which i know is old) when raiding on world of warcraft. Budget is around $500 the less I spend the better.
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  1. Both the CPUs are the same link and its a good CPU for WOW and for the price. As for the motherboard I suggest you get a cheaper H series as you can't overclock the i3 anyway. You could spend the money saved on getting a better GPU.
  2. Ok thanks, any advice for as to what gpu and motherboard will work well with the i3 3220.
  3. Agreed with getting something more like an H77 or B77 instead of Z77 extreme.

    That would shave about $60 out of the budget and the performance will be about the same.

    $60 added to the price of a 7770 is more like 6950 or 560 TI territory which performs much better in games, although they will have more power usage and higher temperatures too.
  4. Video card link is broken. Motherboard is fine.

    If it is a 560 TI or 6950 you were trying to link for video cards, its probably good without us even really having to look at it. Most video card manufacturers are about the same in quality and both these two types provide almost the same level of performance. It just depends on which particular game you are wanting to play as to which one does slightly better in it.
  5. Sorry not the 560 TI just a 560. EVGA GeForce GTX 560 (Fermi)
  6. Yes it was a 560 TI. I just want to put something together that will run over 40 fps with mid-lvl type graphics. The game in particular is WoW.
  7. Its a 560 non ti and not good value for $10 extra this is much better 1gb 7850 or for another $20 the 2Gb version
  8. Will a GeForce GTX 550 Ti provide good fps with the i3? I dont mind getting a lower end card as long as it going to provide over 40 fps.
  9. HD 6950 and/or 560 TI is about the level where "real gaming starts" for a lot of people.

    I can't guarantee you will get your 40 FPS with the 550 TI, no.

    You can look it up yourself, though. Just type "i3-2120 + 550 TI FPS world of warcraft" in Google and somebody probably tested that before and let everybody know.

    You can do the same thing with pretty much any combination of stuff.
  10. Its running great at max settings I am getting 70-90fps and 55-60 when running in a 25man raid, again thats with the 550ti thanks again everyone for all the suggestions.
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