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Hello Im new here so please be nice :)
I am thinking about buying a new PC mainly for gaming.
The sort of games ill be playing are SC2, diablo 3 and some older ones (but if it can run those two im sure it can run old ones) I'll also be getting some new games when they come out.
I have been looking around some websites that build custom PCs and found a few i like. I have built one and am now wondering is this build adequate or too much. I know very little when it comes to components and stuff like this so all help is welcome.

• AMD Bulldozer FX 4100,
• Gigabyte M68MT-S2,
• 8GB DDR3 Kingston 1333 (2 x 4Gb),
• Integrated Sound Card,
• DVD+/- RW - 22X Samsung SATA,
• 500GB SATA Hard Drive SATA 3,
• No Secondary Hard Drive,
• ATI HD 6670 1024MB,
• No Monitor,
• CiT Mars Midi Tower Gaming Case with 2 x Blue LED Fans & LED Display,
• CiT 700W Black Edition PSU,
• Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit,
• No Additional Software,
• X,
• 12 Months Warranty,

just to let you know I do not want to spend much more than £600 so if you have suggestions please keep this in mind. Also if you know any good websites feel free to tell me, if you want to recomend me a build im more than happy to see them.
thanks in advance. :)
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  1. Have you considered buying the parts and mounting it yourself? You can get a better PC for the same price.
    That being said you can probably get a better rig if you get a better GPU (6770 or better), personally I'd go Intel for the CPU and a Corsair or Antec PSU with 500 or 600watts will be more than enough
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  3. Id have no idea how to build it myself and would not like to risk it personally. and thanks for the input.
  4. Been messing around with setups on the same website and this is about the same price but would it perform better for gaming.
    • Intel Core i3 2100 Dual Core,
    • Asus P8H61-M LE Motherboard,
    • 8GB DDR3 Corsair 1600 (2 x 4Gb),
    • Integrated Sound Card,
    • Manufacturer Supplied Cooler,
    • DVD+/- RW - 22X Samsung SATA,
    • 250GB SATA Hard Drive MDT,
    • No Secondary Hard Drive,
    • Nvidia GTX550Ti 1024MB,
    • No Monitor,
    • CiT Saturn Midi Tower Gaming Case with 2 x Blue LED Fans,
    • CiT 500W Black Edition PSU,
    • Windows 7 Home premium 64 bit,
  5. Ok some more questions. do i need to go for a z68 or z77 motherboard or are the ones I have posted fine. also I can afford to get a i5 2380p processor but do I need it over the i3 2100 for the sort of thing i need.
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