Gtx 680 vs gtx 590

question is...should i sell my gtx 590 and by new gtx 680 for the same of my rig:

CPU i5 2500k
Motherboard Asrock z68 extreme 4 gen3
PSU Crosair hx 850

is my PSU enough later for upgrade 2gtx 680sli
is my motherboard good for so much power??

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  1. Keep the 590. It's a better GPU.
  2. you can probably even do 3 way sli with the power supply. gtx 590 is usally better but it will eat up more power. the 680 is much cooler and power efficent
  3. oki:) thanx...i will keep up my gtx 590..
  4. It's a great GPU... I'm surprised you were able to afford it! (Nothing personal, it's just that it's very high-end).
  5. im surprised you can even find one on newegg or something
  6. Yeah, that too. Now that I think of it. Or I guess you thought of it for me.
  7. i live in Germany....have this card for half year...POV gtx 590 charged
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