Bottleneck Issue, Need some advice

Built my pc about 2.5 years ago. Just replaced my gtx260 with a gtx570SuperClock in anticipation of Diablo 3 releasing. In multiplayer games I'm getting some major chugging in certain sequences that none of my friends are reporting with lesser systems. I do have all settings on maximum with the exception of Shader which I turned off. I changed clutter density to medium but still see the issues I wouldnt expect from the video card. So here is the rest of my build, i'm afraid I have a bottleneck somewhere. I'd appreciate any advice since I'm pretty new at building rigs.

Mobo - P55 FTW SLI (Just recently purchased additional 4GB of additional RAM and isntalled it, come to find out my bios only recognized 2 slots, so I just purchased 4x2 sticks which work fine. But in my cpu-z they only report as single channel, instead of dual so it's apparent that something in the mobo doesn't function correctly with installed memory but could that really cause my issues?)

CPU - i5 750 2.67 (Lynnfield I believe)

Ram: MEM 4Gx2|GSKILL F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR2



VIdeo - EVGA GeForce GTX 570 HD Superclocked 1280 MB GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 2DVI/HDMI/Display Port SLI Ready Graphics Card, 012-P3-1573-KR
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  1. I'm also running Win7 64 Pro...
  2. Caflish78...if your motherboard is only recognizing two of the ram slots with 4 slots populated..yes you have a problem and it can DEFINITELY cause issues...Have you updated/upgraded your bios...A74 is the last bios I see and it's dated 08-08-2011...that might bring back the ram slots....but probably not.

    If the motherboard is should still be under warranty...since only two ram slots are being recognized...and you're running Windows 7 x64 it recognizes up to 192G per here

    I would ask you if you have the ram in the correct slots for dual channel? read your motherboard instruction manual and see which slots must be populated for only 2 sticks AND look to see if that's where you have the ram inserted...sounds like you may have ram in two separate you are only getting single channel config instead of dual channel...sometimes it's the 2 black slots...other times it's the 2 grey slots.

    It looks like the P55 series has a 3 year warranty period...check to insure your ram is inserted correctly if not move the ram to where its supposed to be...if it IS inserted in the correct slots....get tech support from evga and get it sent in for warranty work SOON!

    If it's out of will be out the price of a new motherboard.
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